During his 60 years of public service, Hon. Sharadchandra Pawar Saheb’s work in various fields like agriculture, industrialization, social justice, education, women empowerment, and youth welfare has resulted in revolutionary changes in Maharashtra. His work discipline, devotion and commitment to the welfare of citizens is a guide and inspiration for many generations to come.

As a homage and salute to Hon. Pawar Saheb, the Yashwantrao Chavan Centre, launched the ‘Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship’ in three fields namely: Agriculture, Literature and Education. The fellowship aims to create new avenues for deserving, hard-working, and talented youth in the fields of agriculture, literature, and education. MP Supriya Sule is the Convenor of this Fellowship program.

The 'Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Agriculture' aims to equip the youth to harness the rapidly evolving technological advances in tackling the challenges posed to agriculture. It empowers the youth with entrepreneurial skills needed to become the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow. The ‘Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Literature’ aims to provide mentorship and guidance to young writers. Writers selected for the fellowship will be provided with financial aid for writing their books as well as a guide to develop their voice and improve their writing skills. The ‘Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Education’ is given to primary and secondary education Teachers to encourage them to undertake new innovative ideas in the field of education. They are provided with financial assistance to enable them to execute their educational teaching practices.

Agriculture Fellowship

Agriculture is both the biggest challenge and opportunity that faces India. India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs...

Literature Fellowship

Conserving the rich cultural past while focussing on current challenges and future opportunities have abled our nation to constitute a unique brand...

Education Fellowship

Greetings. Honorable Shri. Sharadchandraji Pawar Saheb’s stupendous contribution to social development over the last fifty years is...

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Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship Awarding Ceremony 2021
Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship Awarding Ceremony 2022