Many people from across the state of Maharashtra and even India come to visit Supriya Sule and bring some gifts out of love. These sweet gestures gave her an idea that fuels her passion for reading. She appealed on her social media to the citizens and party workers to give her books instead of bouquets, photo frames etc. In response she received a great number of books on varied subjects, from the rich heritage of Maharashtra to cryptocurrency. To further spread the joy of reading and encourage the reading culture, she undertook the initiative ‘Pustak Doot’. This initiative is facilitated by Yashwantrao Chavan Centre where they provide these books to anyone who wants it at only postage cost. This initiative has received remarkable support from the state of Maharashtra, so far. These books are largely benefiting youth, students, academicians etc.

Pustakdoot: A Reading Movement by Readers for Readers


Many colleagues, friends and party co-workers come to meet me when I’m traveling across the state for work or on a daura. While visiting me, they always bring some gifts, bouquets or photo-frames. Recently, I’d appealed to all to give me books instead of giving such things. It’s a pleasure to know that we have received great response to this appeal, and Hon. Pawar Saheb & I are receiving many interesting books.

After reading these books, they are given to the National Library of Yashwantrao Chavan Centre. In case these books are already available at the library then they are made available for book lovers under our Pustakdoot initiative at postage cost only. Making this initiative swift and accessible to all, Yashwantrao Chavan Centre has launched an independent website for Pustakdoot where the list of available books are displayed and with much ease you can place an order for your book of choice at just postage cost. The book shall reach your doorstep without any hassle. Register yourself and avail the benefit of the Pustakdoot website, now!

Thank you all for showing us your support and love, by wholeheartedly contributing great books and engaging with us on a quest to spread the joy of reading to all.

Thanking You,
Supriya Sule