17th Lok Sabha Speeches

MP Supriya Sule's Remarks The New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Amendment Bill

Spoke on the New Delhi International Arbitration Centre (Amendment) Bill, 2022. Highlighted that there is a need for Government to introspect on why Singapore and London arbitration centres are preferred by Indian parties over Indian arbitration centres and accordingly take action. The Bill serves the interests of a certain sect of private people players and does not have the desired impact of promoting arbitration in India. In light of this observation, the Government should not misspend its time on bills which do not have the desired impact.

MP Supriya Sule's Remarks Energy Conservation Amendment Bill 2022

Spoke on the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 -Sought clarification on whether India has dropped in its target of establishing 500 GW of renewable capacity by 2030. -Drew attention of the House to India`s communication with UNFCC it admitted about that 50% cumulative electric power capacity from non-fossil fuels has dropped out of the 500 GW which it committed in COP-26. Further, India has failed its target to reduce carbon emission by 1 billion tonnes. -Sought clarification of the Government on its contradicting policy stance on renewable energy. On one hand, the coal and mining ministry are vigorously implementing schemes whereas on the other the Government appears to be promoting renewable energy. -Pointed out that Maharashtra has been at the forefront of promoting renewable energy. In Sugarcane factories in Maharashtra implemented renewable energy. -Posed a question on with regard to Biomass. The said bill seeks to promote biomass, however, biomass industry experiences a large number of NPAs. How does the Centre plan to achieve its target while dealing with NPAs. Further, expressed concern over Biomass` inability to deliver superior results. -With regard to solar energy drew highlighted the challenges faced for land acquisition as it takes about one year to merely acquire land for a solar project which demands thousands of acres are required. Suggested that the Government of India should work closely with the states. Proposed the MIDC model can be followed. -During the pandemic, a blanket extension was granted to the windmill industry. This boosted the supply chain. Suggested that a similar action should be taken for solar energy industry. -Posed a question on the policy intervention of reverse bidding. Usually, the L1 is given preference despite conducting a reverse bid. This results in pushing away the private players who want to build in India. -The measures taken by the Government to promote R&D in the field on Renewable Energy. Over the past three years, the amount earmarked for R&D has dropped and the Government has been unable to meet a single target. -Highlighted that the Government has not taken adequate measures to ensure transmission and distribution of energy. -With regard to carbon credit rating, no public consultations were held. This is contrary to the inclusive approach of policy-making.

MP Supriya Sule Discussion under Rule 193 on price rise

Participated in the discussion on Price Rise under rule 193 in Lok Sabha. • Drew attention of the house to the far reaching impact of price rise and the open letter written by a 6-year old Kriti Dubey from Uttar Pradesh on price rise of pencils and maggi. • Condemned the imposition of GST on all basic goods such as paneer, curd, lassi, sugar, jaggery, puffed rice, rice, wheat, tender coconut and rice flour. • Expressed disappointment over the Centre asking people to be grateful that they have been provided with two meals a day and pointed out that it is the rightful entitlement of underprivileged, poor and malnourished citizen to have two meals a day. • Further, pointed out that the rights of the underprivileged to meals were also endorsed by late Sushmaji in her historic speeches over price rise. • Urged the GST Council to revise the imposition of GST on basic consumer goods. The Maha Vikas Agagi Government in Maharashtra had written an open letter to the GST Council on the same. • With regard to Demonetization, Bangladesh is a remittance and export drive economy. After Demonetization in India, India grew at 3.7% and Bangladesh grew at 8.2%. • Questioned the Centre on how much money is in circulation. • Drew attention of the house to certain exorbitant fees being imposed by Banks to render basic services such as Debit Card annual fee costs 200 rupees, printing bank account statements cost 100 rupees. Further services such as money transfer, cash withdrawal and cheque book are charged. • The Government imposes 12 types of cess. Questioned why is this money collected through cess not given to poor consumer. • Questioned why the wheat policy was not implemented as promised. • The Government has committed to get rid of petrol by 2030 and intro renewable energy instead. However, Centre has taxed Solar Energy at 18% which is a very high slab.

MP Supriya Sule's Remark | The National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021

Spoke on the National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021 in the Lok Sabha • Appreciated the work done in Khelo India and rmphasized that the organization of sports should be autonomous. Khelo India has encouraged youth to be competitive. • Pointed out that it is a legacy bill. The process to introduce the bill started in 1999 by the earlier Government and continued till 2005. Finally, it has been brought for discussion before the house. • Doping is quite unfortunate due to the wide availability of drugs. Sport is a noble, disciplined and highly competitive field and the pressure to peak in the career at a young age is quite real. Further, there is lack of awareness and misinformation surrounding doping. • Sports is above politics. The wins and losses of the sportspersons are not the Government`s but rather belong to the families of the sportspersons and the nation. • Suggested that:  in Khelo India, there should be provisions to increase awareness about the detrimental effects of Doping which is of utmost importance.  The setting up of a national programme to shame Doping and discourage sportspersons against it which should be integrated in Khelo India.  Suggested to put in place Standard Operating Procedures  To establish Doping Test Labs with cutting edge technology as a part of Khelo India.  To ensure there are enough technicians to conduct random testing.  Drew attention to the incident of Dutee Chand who was tested with beyond permissible limits of testerone. However, it was a biological trait and not a case of doping. A consideration should be made for exceptional cases such as Dutee Chand`s.  To provide nutrition support to sportspersons in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Welfare.  To impose checks on supply of dopes which are easily available online.  To come up with a comprehensive programme to make India Dope Free.. #ParliamentSession #MonsoonSession #MonsoonSession2022

MP Supriya Sule | WMD & their DS (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Amend Bill,2022

Participated in the discussion in Lok Sabha on the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their Delivery systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Amendment -I support the bill as India is known to be a peace-loving country. I agree with India`s stance at UN where India expressed its concerns over the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and supports the implementation of Chemical Weapon Convention and strengthening of OPCW. - I recommended to expand the scope of definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The present definition is narrow and does not take into account the new set of challenges. -The definition should be expanded to include radiology, CBRE weapons, electro-magnetic attacks, cyber-attacks, munitions. - India by signing the Nuclear Agreement under the former Govt. enjoyed an important position in the Nuclear Supply group. However, India does not seem to have joined the group yet despite support from the USA. -I posed a question to the Centre regarding the reasons behind the failure to join the group and India`s position with China. - Raised my concern over the ambiguous status of legality of cryptocurrency in India as the funding of WMD is done through dark net and crypto. - Philippines expressed doubts over the misfiring of the Brahmos missile into the territory of Pakistan. Instances like these show the challenges of WMD. -The centre should bring in interventions to address these concerns and ensure India uphold the value of peace as the Mahatma would have wanted it. #LokSabhaBudgetSession #BudgetSession2022 #BudgetSession

MP Supriya Sule Discussion under Rule 193 on the Situation in Ukraine

Participated in the discussion in Lok Sabha on the crisis in Ukraine. -Congratulated the Ministry of External Affairs for successfully conducting operation Ganga and bringing back stranded Indian students in Ukraine. -Stated in the Lok Sabha that students should not be admonished for looking for education opportunities abroad. A student studying abroad does not mean he/she has not scored. - Highlighted the need to introspect Indian Foreign policy which depends on Russian imports for defence supplies. In this regard, I suggested the Centre should make interventions to boost Indian Indigenous companies. -Addressed the issue of violation of human rights in Ukraine. Irrespective of India`s stance on this crisis, I believe the genocide which is taking place in Ukraine is unpardonable. -Pointed out that today we are praising Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for forging a strong Indian foreign policy with Russia. Similarly, with regard to USA, Hon. former PM Manmohan Singhji played an instrumental role in the nuclear deal which was in India`s national interest. -Addressed the alarming rise of oil prices and the timing of it which coincides with the end of state elections. Stated that oil prices do fluctuate but there is a solution available to it. Suggested the cess can be implemented to control it. -Raised my concern for well-being of the stranded students who have returned to India and question what specific interventions the Centre plans to take. #LokSabhaBudgetSession #BudgetSession2022 #BudgetSession

MP Supriya Sule's Remarks | Discussion on The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022

Spoke during the discussion on the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022 in Lok Sabha today. Put it on record that Maharashtra state is not against this Bill but has some concerns. 1. Sought clarification from the Centre on provisions of this Bill contradicting Article 20(3), Article 21, Right to be forgotten, and Rights of prisoners; 2. Supreme Court had already objected to some of this Bill provisions; 3. Raised the need for Data Protection law first in the country and other safeguards in place so that provisions of this Bill are not misused; 4. The Bill assumes detainees are guilty which is contrary to principle of presumption of innocence; 5. Stressed that since brain mapping and narco analysis doesn't necessarily result in the truth, need for measures to guard against selective leaks; 6. Brought to the notice of the House that there is need to upgrade forensic labs and skill technicians in the country to bring justice to citizens; 7. Shared three success stories of Maharashtra police - Ankit Goyal and Somai Munde (SP, Add.SP) from Maharashtra killed 26 naxals in Maltintola naxal area of MP- Chhattisgarh border. Mumbai, Nashik, Pune police have started a surveillance team, Nirbhaya squad, consisting of 200 officers and 800 lady constables. Squad has response time of 10 minutes and is providing counselling services to vulnerable children; IPS officer Tejaswi Satputhe conducted Operation Parivarthan in an area where illicit liquor was prevalent. Through loans, skill development social and economic impact was made possible; 8. Emphasizing that legislation is to serve people, I urged the Union Government to not put fear in the minds of people through laws; 9. Sought clarification from the Minister on how does he propose to increase the conviction rate with the increase of data; 10. Finally requested the Union Government to protect young children, women and steps must be taken to ensure that they feel at home when they reach police stations.

MP Supriya Sule | Discussion under Rule 193 on the need to promote sports in India


MP Supriya Sule | The Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022

Spoke during the The Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022. Raised the following points 1) Speakers from Treasury benches only raised political points; 2) Mid Day Meal, schools development, anganwadi programs if everything good then is there fund crunch with MCD or not? If MCD is doing so well then what is the need for this Amendment?; 3) Leader of Delhi Corporations approached Union for funds but Centre has declined the request; 4) Timing of the decision taken to unify the three Corporations is questionable - which is taken on the morning of State Election Commission announcing election; 5) When delimitation is done, isn't it logical to increase the number of constituencies as population increased? Why is the Bill decreasing them?; 6) Why are we debating municipal issues in the Parliament? It should be debated in the Delhi Assembly; 7) Why are other Union Territories municipal issues not discussed in the Parliament and only Delhi UT being discussed?; 8) This Bill is taking away autonomy from States and cooperative federalism. There is too much centralization of power; 9) Too much interference of Governors is hampering the work done by elected representatives in States. Governor is there to promote development and not slow it down; 10) What is the Centre trying to achieve by this merging of 3 Corporations? 11) PM Modi was against confrontation, coercion of states while he was the CM of Gujarat, but is now focused on centralization of power; 12) There might be political differences but there cannot be differences in the way Institutions are run. 13) I urged the Union Government to believe in cooperative federalism and implement these principles advocated by Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar #LokSabhaBudgetSession #BudgetSession2022 #BudgetSession

MP Supriya Sule | The CA, Cost & Works Accountants & Company Secretaries (Amend) Bill, 2021

Participated in the discussion today on the Chartered Accountants, Costs and Works Accountants and the Company Secretaries (Amendment) Bill,2001. -Highlighted there are already three verticals which function and questioned the need to introduce a bill which brings them under the same umbrella. -The statement of objects of states the purpose is to bring about more autonomy in the council. Contrary to this, the bill has a provision for Government to carry out audit. This compromises the “autonomy” of the professionals and is undemocratic in nature. -Highlighted that the function of auditing is concentrated only in the hands of four big players. This deprives smaller auditing firms off opportunities. -Raised concerns regarding the lack of provisions for Whistleblower protection. -Brought to the attention of the House that the Centre has lost 2 lakh crores worth NPAs by allowing them to go into liquidation instead of initiating an insolvency process before the NCLT. -Raised objection to introducing a new regulatory body as it will lead to overregulation and increased bureaucratic process. This goes against the objective of making the council independent. - Emphasised that the bill under the pretext of bring in transparency and autonomy is interfering with the independent functioning of audit firms.

MP Supriya Sule | Question on Defense Expenditure

Questioned the Union Government on the Defence Expenditure in Question Hour in Lok Sabha today. Also asked about the the measures that the ministry is undertaking to promote production and orders of indigenous defence manufacturers like Baba Kalyani company in my constituency. Thanking Hon. Rajnath Singh Ji for the reply. #LokSabhaBudgetSession #BudgetSession2022 #BudgetSession

MP Supriya Sule | The Finance Bill, 2022

Raised the following points during debate on the Finance Bill 2022 in Lok Sabha today. 1. Prices and inflation of basic necessities like LPG cylinders, cooking oil, petrol diesel has skyrocketed in recent years; 2. Clarified that the oil bonds during the UPA, were taken for welfare of common people. Raised lack of clarity on self sufficiency of oil refineries in India due to conflicting statements made by the Hon’ble PM about need for oil imports; 3. Commented on the confusing signals given by the aviation policy towards Air India of Tata Trust, vis-a—vis other airlines; 4. On cryptocurrency, I questioned the Centre on why it is not banning crypto if it is so against it. Also questioned Union Govt on how did they arrive at tax rate of 30% on digital assets? 5. On GST, I raised the policing concerns of jailing people for small filing errors. Suggested that common man should be given time to correct filing errors, when the Union Government itself commit drafting errors; 6. On PMLA, raised the issue of arrests being made under PMLA without filing an FIR. Criticised this as its against democracy and asked this Government to stop harassment of families of suspects; 7. Questioned the Centre on how much black money was unearthed through demonetisation? 8. Finally on ED, CBI - Questioned the independence of these bodies because the people on twitter know about the raids and on whom the raids will be done many days before the actual raid. Sought clarification on whether there are leaks of confidential information or if the independency of ED,CBI compromised. #LokSabhaBudgetSession #BudgetSession2022 #BudgetSession
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